The Subtle Art Of Doing Whatever The F*** You Want

The reason I took this leap of faith and created this blog is because I am tired of waiting around for opportunities to just come my way. 


I am tired of telling myself "I will do that tomorrow," I want to do it NOW

Many years ago when I started travelling almost all year round and writing in my journals, the thought came to my mind many times. 

Throughout my travels, I would often refer to google for the answers to my questions. Yet, every time I went seeking out information online through blogs, I could never find information on what I was looking for.

Many things drove me to finally deciding to make a move and create Redhead Round The World, but the primary drive was that I just want to live my life doing whatever the f*** I want. 

If I want to leave Canada and go to live in Spain for a year, you better believe I am going to do it. 

And I want to teach and install my wisdom and passion to others. 

Way too many people come to me complaining about travel and asking for guidance. The most common complaints I hear are:

  • I am too broke to travel

  • I don't have time off work 

  • My parents and partner don't approve 

  • I am supposed to be going to school, I don't have the time to travel 

airplane window horizontal.jpg

I respect that these are all valid circumstances. We all live different lives and experience different struggles. We are all at different points in our lives and desire different things. My primary motive is to show the people I love and others around me that travel is possible, and if you want it, you can have it! 

What if I told you there was a POTENTIAL way to have all the things you want and crave without having to quit your job or break the bank. 

How to travel the world for a year and NEVER have to pay for accommodation. How to use the best credit cards to your advantage and fly for dirt cheap (sometimes free). How to eat the most incredible food you've ever tasted at 4 different bars for under 30 euros a day in the south of Spain. 

My vision with this blog and my personal outlet is to show those who are seeking solutions to these complaints. Through years of travel and experiencing many things first hand, I have learnt some tricks that I want to teach others.  

If you just sit around living your life doing things as you "believe" is right, or what society portrays is how your life should be lived, you will never get a chance to just truly live your life for YOU

And isn't that the whole purpose of life anyways?


Forgetting about what those around you tell you is "right," or obeying the constant push of society drawing you into a mediocre life. 

I used to go SO out of my way to make those around me happy. I would be dying to go on a trip, or to move to Australia. I would say no to these things and almost convince myself I was crazy for thinking it was possible. 

This was because I had to make those around me happy first. I was expected to stay in Calgary, work the full-time job that I went to university for, save money, and life will just continue on like this. 

Then I decided no, this isn't what I truly want. I am living my life for ME, and no one else. I would hate more than anything to be approaching the end of my life and reflecting back to my youth and regretting all the things I DIDN'T do.

I want to reflect back and think about every single thing I accomplished and did because I did it at the exact moment I desired too.

When it comes to travel, I am the girl many of my friends come to when they are seeking advice or help with anything travel related. Through word of mouth of my travel planning skills, I recently helped a friend of a friend plan a 10 day trip throughout Spain and Portugal. I managed to set them up with transportation & accommodation for the whole 10 days costing them around $380 Canadian. 

I honestly live for this. I get a crazy high and rush when I can help others accomplish the best travel ever for an insanely low price. This full content feeling was the most significant indicator that this is what I am passionate about and this is what I want to pursue.

With my work, I always give 100%. I've always enjoyed what I am doing and find fulfilment with my job. However, for the past year, I have been working remotely for a Canadian software company, and I also took on the role of "travel planner and coordinator." 

It was the most bizarre thing because the days that I got to sit down and book the flights and scan Airbnb for hours and plan a whole entire trip for someone else (usually myself included as well), I had a new feeling that I had never experienced before. I never felt tired of the work, or overworked. I would wake up early just to work and look forward to every minute I got to plan. 

I would perfect each itinerary making sure every single move around was ease-less. I never imagined I could get paid for planning trips for other people, and I realized this is my dream job.

Elaina Blue.jpg

For the past 4 years, I have had countless amounts of people try to convince me to start a blog. I've read my journal pages to hundreds of strangers in hostel rooms around the world, all of them encouraging me to start a blog. I would be high on the concept for about a week, then bring myself back down from the idea. This normally stemmed from the fact that I didn't want the whole world knowing about all the insane things I do while I'm travelling (sorry mum & dad). 

In early 2019, I was listening to my favourite podcast - Girls Gotta Eat. If you are unaware of this podcast, I highly suggest you check it out. I listen to these fantastic ladies on Spotify. Shout out to Ashely & Rayna - I LOVE you guys. 


In their "Make 2019 Your Bitch" episode they talk all about how to live your best life. I listened to this episode on January 1st, and it really inspired me to just go for it. 

Jump to now, many weeks later, and here I am typing this. Pursuing my passion, giving it my all and exploring the unknown. Taking this one step forward is bringing me closer to my goals. If I can help others to achieve their goals and follow their passion through travel, I have done what I set out to do. And this would be the greatest gift of all. 

A friend recently asked me what my biggest fear was. I sat for a moment and honestly thought about the thing I am most afraid of at in this present moment. 

I am most fearful of letting my life pass me by. Not saying "yes" to all the things I know I want to. Holding myself back or being frightened of the possibilities. 

This is what Redhead Round The World is all about. 

Taking risks, following your heart, and just doing whatever the f*** you want with no judgement and no remorse. 

Just go out there and live your life!


I have so much in store for you on my tips and tricks for travelling CHEAP. Stay tuned to find out how I flew from Canada-Europe last April for $65. Want to stay in the know? Sign up below to be the 1st to hear about new blog posts!

xo, elaina